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John Currin
The painter infuses Old Masters-style brushstrokes with modern sexuality.

Next Thursday, we’re getting ready to the hit the coolest pre-Oscar party in town--and it’s not being thrown by a network, agent or actor. It’s the fete of gallerist Larry Gagosian, who’s showing the works of today’s most celebrated portraitist, New York-based John Currin.

Along with his flame-haired wife, the model Rachel Feinstein (she’s one of Tom Ford’s swans and an artist in her own right), Currin is the darling of le tout Manhattan. Now he’s winging it west to show his wares to Hollywood money, the media and the rest of us when his new show opens on Thursday.

Gagosian is keeping the show contents hush-hush until the opening, but expect the controversial nudes and weird subject matter done in the style of the Old Masters that’s made Currin famous. (And rich, too--his oil of Bea Arthur topless sold for $1.9 million in 2013.)

Roll into the show early, around 6:30 p.m., to miss the crowds. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the glamour couple before they join a glittering crowd of movie stars and moguls assembled to honor them at Mr. Chow--a decidedly more private affair.

Gagosian, 456 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-271-9400 or

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