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Were we the only ones a bit mystified at the sudden demise of Downton Abbey's lead Labrador, Isis, this season? (Perhaps her Screen Actors Guild card had expired?) Anyway, her recent story arc inspired us to take a look back at 11 more canine cast members whose TV and silver-screen performances we loved.


Isis on “Downton Abbey”

Her rear view defined the show’s opening credits and her memorable moments with the Crawley family were many. One hopes there’s a puppy in the house at Downton soon.


Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”

Small but mighty, that little brindle Carin. Where would Dorothy be without her witch-dissing sidekick?


Comet on “Full House”

This key member of the Tanner family also played Buddy in the movie Air Bud. #themoreyouknow


Verdell in “As Good As It Gets”

Was As Good As It Gets a romantic comedy about a grumpy man and a younger woman--or about a man and his neighbor’s Brussels Griffon? Watch this YouTube clip reel and decide.


Bruiser Woods in “Legally Blonde”

Never was there a more pampered Gemini vegetarian than Elle’s ever-present Chihuahua.


Brinkley in “You?ve Got Mail”

The only thing more adorable than a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan love story? A shiny-coated golden retriever to cheer on their first kiss.


Marley in “Marley and Me”

How can a dog be bad when he’s so darn cute? We laughed and we cried when Jennifer Aniston wrangled the unruly lab.


Lassie in “Lassie”

This famous collie was an American hero and basically the Meryl Streep of dog actors. Soulful. Beautiful. Epic. Relive her adventures on Hulu.


Baxter in “Anchorman”

Poor Baxter. Punted off a bridge by Jack Black. We wonder if this Border terrier has a stunt double?


Eddie Crane on “Frasier”

Jack Russell terriers are mischievous--and this one had a near-miss with the pound before he began his illustrious small-screen career.


Beethoven in “Beethoven”

We knew Charles Grodin would eventually come around to love the Dennis the Menace of dogs. Just look at those eyes...


Stella on “Modern Family”

Is there anything more adorable then a gruff old guy who’s smitten with a sweet French bulldog? Nah.

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