Quick! Adult coloring is a) an obscure fad for quirky types, or b) the craze responsible for three of the top ten best-selling books on Amazon right now.

It’s b), people. Grown-up books that you color with crayons are suddenly such a hit combo that there’s a waiting list for the most popular ones--namely, those by British artist Johanna Basford. (Don’t worry: There are plenty of copycats on Amazon and Etsy available for purchase this very second.)

But it’s not just a twee affectation. Studies show it can also help with stress, work performance and insomnia.

Here’s a look at what all the fuss is about:

adult coloring 1

A blank page from Johanna Basford's Secret Garden.

adult coloring 2

Secret Garden coloring in progress.

adult coloring 3

A page from Jenean Morrison's Flower Designs book.

adult coloring 4

Outside the Lines includes contributions from street artists like Shepard Fairey.

adult coloring 5

A printable coloring page available on Etsy.

adult coloring 6

For a totally different aesthetic, nab this coloring book from Broad City gal, Abbi Jacobson.

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