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Land shark. Coneheads. Gap girls. Cowbell. SNL is a national treasure. 

It’s also--as we New Yorkers know all too well--basically impossible to get tickets to.

But now you can finally get your due and see costumes, props and sets firsthand at Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition.

Opening tomorrow at a gallery space in Midtown, the multimedia show doesn’t just breeze through the highlight reels--it creates an in-depth, behind-the-scenes experience of how the show is created within the one-week schedule. Each typical day is a different room, so you’ll start with Monday’s brainstorm meetings (in a recreated version of Lorne Michaels’ office) and wind through set- and costume-constructing days (displaying iconic original pieces, ranging from the Wayne’s World basement to Matt Foley’s plaid jacket) and end up at a replica of the Studio 8H monologue stage.

If it’s anything like last year’s Friends coffee shop, the lines are sure to be insane. But unlike Central Perk, you’ll have much more time to take it in. The 40th-anniversary celebration will be running through January. (Schwing.)

Premier Exhibitions 5th Avenue, 417 Fifth Ave. (at 37th St.);

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