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Every night you fall asleep to an adorable, often giggling New Yorker: Jimmy Fallon. 

But does America’s most pleasant dude subscribe to the old saying that the funniest people are also the saddest?

Misery Loves Comedy, a new documentary showing at the Tribeca Film Festival, tries to find out.

Some of the biggest names in movies, TV and standup (everyone from Tom Hanks and Larry David to Amy Schumer and Lisa Kudrow) sit down for interviews about how past struggles have shaped their comedy and how to remain funny once you become happy.

There is no sweeping intro, no narration, no grand dramatizations--just wall-to-wall stories. And it’s utterly fascinating.

You’ll find out from Matthew Perry how the Friends cast stayed bummed out during the early seasons. (Those were the days when movie-stardom was the only road to critical acclaim.) And how a pre-SNL Martin Short could barely force himself to go to dinner with Bill Murray because he felt so unsuccessful.

And yes, you’ll even get the final verdict on what Mr. Classroom Instruments thinks about happiness or lack thereof.

Currently available on VOD; opens April 24 at IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave. (at W. Third St.)

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