Remember when you were 14 and your mom made you stop saying “like” 127 times a day? Fine, we’ll admit it: She was right.

But this is 2015 and the Internet has made us all “totes amazeballs” monsters. If you want to be taken seriously, put these ten done-to-death expressions on your new list of banned words.


I’m The Worst

“I totally ate six graham crackers this morning. I'm the worst!”

There are a lot of people in the world--we highly doubt your carbohydrate indiscretion renders you one of the most offensive.



Friend: "What do you think of this dress?"
You: "Yaaaaaassss."

Call us ancient, but does “yes” now mean “I love it”?


Soooooo...[to start a sentence]

“Soooooo… I'm thinking about finally breaking up with Renaldo and finishing my degree in microbiology.”

Why act like you were in the middle of a thought? This is a new thought!


Just sayin’

“You look so good when you actually do your makeup. Just sayin'.”

Passive-aggressive much?


Totes, natch and obvi

"I was totes going to read that Times piece on Sotomayor, but then I couldn't get past the paywall, obvi."

You're a grown woman: Don't talk like a 12-year-old.



"My boss literally had a shit fit.”

Unless your boss just pooped herself, you mean "figuratively." Leave it out all together.



"Two-for-one bottles of Newman's Own?! Amazeballs!"


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