Hey, we’re all about saying we’re sorry when we actually do something wrong. (Really? We ate all the Thin Mints? Our bad.) But with recent studies suggesting that women are 37 percent more likely to apologize than men--and often for totally bogus reasons--we’ve vowed to break the trend. Here, nine things we solemnly swear to stop atoning for.


For Taking Vacation Days

“Sorry, would it be OK if I took next Friday off?”

You are owed vacation days. (And sick days. And raises.) Do not apologize for taking advantage of your job’s most basic benefits.


For Not Looking Like a Supermodel 100% of The Time

“Ugh, sorry, I’m in sweats and my hair isn’t washed. I’m the worst!”

Some days you won’t be manicured, pedicured, properly plucked or squished into Spanx within an inch of your life. But you are still allowed in public. (Also, stop staying you’re the worst.)


For Reminding Somebody to Do Something They Said They'd Do

“I’m so sorry to even bring it up, but any chance you could return that punch bowl?”

Girl borrowed your punch bowl. She should give it back. NOT SORRY!


For having an opinion

“Sorry, but I just think the NFL is a really backward organization.”

Don’t apologize for having strong beliefs. Lord knows men don’t.


For not responding to someone immediately

“Gah! Just saw your text from an hour ago. Sooooo sorry for not getting back to you sooner!”

Yes, it’s rude to ignore somebody for days on end. But it’s OK to see a text or email and take a few hours before writing back. Have a life outside your phone.


For having an emotional reaction to something

“Wow. Sorry, I don’t know what came over me! This is so embarrassing… I must be pregnant!”

We all cry at Tide commercials sometimes. It’s fine.


For getting bumped into

[Man walks into woman.] Woman: “Sorry!”

He slammed into you.


For trying to get a salesclerk or waiter's attention

"Hi, sorry. Would you mind ringing this up?"

It’s their job. Would you apologize to your mechanic for needing an oil change?


For ordering “just” a Diet Coke

“Sorry, can I just have a Diet Coke?”

Sometimes you don’t want a $14 glass of Malbec. Order the Diet Coke. Own the Diet Coke.

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