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We’ve all been there: You get super jazzed about a particular movie after seeing the trailer. Then you go to catch the flick in theaters only to be utterly disappointed. (Thanks a lot, Hollywood.) Here are eight films that didn’t live up to the promise of their trailers.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

Harry Potter fans around the world anxiously awaited this trailer. Then, six months later, the midnight showing rolled around and the world finally saw the completed project: Major liberties were taken in favor of awkwardly avoided plotlines. 

“Like Crazy”

This one left your heart in a pile of splinters. It promised to be simple, relatable and heartrending. But in full, the film is a watered-down emotional soup of its trailer’s glory. Shout-out to a pre-Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence, though.

“Black Swan”

The film had all the ingredients for a Best Picture: an inappropriate parent/child relationship, death, gorgeous cinematography, Natalie Portman. We were still really weirded out, but its gratuitous portrayal of the ballet world falls flat compared with its elegantly creepy trailer.

“Where the Wild Things Are”

The trailer capitalized on nostalgia, but the film lacks focus, trying to stuff complex emotions into a simple story. Sometimes a classic book just isn’t meant for the big screen.

“Man of Steel”

Holy mother of pearl, this trailer couldn't have been more epic. Superman finally gets his due, right? Wrong. Someone inform Hollywood that we are more entertained by a fantastic plot than cartoonish CGI.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Who better to bring Lewis Carroll’s classic to life than the trio of whimsical darkness: Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp? We hoped and dreamed of a truly fresh take on Alice, but despite a star-studded cast and Burtonian visuals, this one fails to deliver.

“Super 8”

Think Stand by Me meets Jurassic Park. Based on its teaser, Super 8 was going to be it: the next classic summer blockbuster that you’d force your children’s children to watch. Instead, a clichéd plot brings only disappointment. Perhaps this summer…

“Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace”

No list of broken promises would be complete without the moment when George Lucas introduced Jar Jar Binks to the world and collectively broke the hearts of nerds everywhere.

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