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7 Ways to Be Better at Small Talk
Why so serious?

You're stuck at a snoozy networking event/cocktail party/wedding, talking to someone with whom you have less than nothing in common. Read these seven fabulous articles to make small talk just a little more bearable. 

If your camera roll is full of selfies... Read about why people in old photos always look so miserable

If you know your Starbucks barista by name... Read about the coffee empire's revolutionary program to help its employees get college degrees. 

If you've ever contradicted yourself... Read about contranyms, a linguistic phenomenon in which a word can act as its own antonym. 

If you're equally interested in girl power and fashion... Read the fascinating feminist history of the chola fashion trend

If every new Instagram follower feels like a small win... Read about the very regular people who are social media famous.  

If you've always wanted to start your own company... Read about what's it's like to have your Kickstarter campaign crash and burn

If your online life is a constant struggle between "LOL," "haha" and "hehe"... Read about what your e-laugh style says about you. 

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