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7 Stories to Make You Sound Smarter
The start of any great collection.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After binge-watching The Jinx and getting sucked into a lip sync wormhole, we were craving the written word. Here, seven stories good enough to make us consider canceling our Netflix account. 

If you're craving dim sum... Read about a group of immigrant restaurant workers fighting to get their due.  

If you're still perfecting your signature... Read about the fanatical world of autograph collectors

If you just want to be blown away... Read about a prolific artist with profound amnesia

If you're dreaming of sunnier skies... Read about the massive impact TripAdvisor is having on entire countries. 

If you're waiting for the pizza delivery guy... Read about how the Internet is turning us into a society of hermits

If you're not sure whether to leave 20 percent... Read about the vast geographical differences in tipping culture

If you've been locked out of Gmail again... Read about the fascinating science behind how we choose our passwords

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