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Rihanna, Gaga, Timberlake--you’ve got the classics on rotation. But summer calls for a refresh, and we’ve got a new batch of music ready to be played.

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OK, that’s enough! Seven super-awesome playlists, right this way.

For Putting on Your Makeup

Monday mornings are rough. We coax ourselves out of bed with help from Work It Girl, a stellar girl-power mix featuring tunes from Kate Nash, Lauryn Hill and Lily Allen. Think of it as the anti-snooze.

For Working Out When You Don’t Want To

The folks at SoulCycle know how to curate some peppy, “let’s get pumped” jams. Every month, they release a new top 40 list with their favorite of-the-moment songs. Topping their June playlist: Robyn, Ellie Goulding and Mumford & Sons.

For the Commute from Hell

This collection of acoustic covers will help you achieve that inner Zen, which is just what you need to stay mellow while stuck behind a garbage truck for 19 goddamn blocks. Plus, an acoustic version of "Wrecking Ball" is sorta life-changing.

For Getting a Late Start on Dinner Prep

This Brooklyn-inspired mix (seriously, it was curated in homage to HBO’s Girls) is just the light indie rock you need for dicing onions. On it, you’ll find artists like the Scissor Sisters, Belle & Sebastian and Feist.

For Pitch Perfect 2 Withdrawal

Thank you, Mashable. We love you for pulling together this top 50 list of a cappella tunes.

For Long and Winding Summer Road Trips

You’ve got an open road, a sunset, and the windows are way down. You won’t do better than this playlist, which is chock-full of Frank Sinatra, Jackson 5, and FUN.

For Making Sure You’re Up to Speed on New Music

This isn't a straight up playlist per se, but it's worth noting that Spotify posts new tunes every Tuesday. Just hit the new releases tab on the home page and browse away. A few albums we’d like to suggest: Florence + The Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Nate Ruess’s Grand Romantic and this new track from the Chainsmokers, called "Roses."

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