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Graphic artist Jaemy Choong admits that he likes to play around with movie postcards. But he's turned a hobby into a form of Insta-art, using friends, family, pets and props to recreates iconic movie scenes. Here are seven hilarious, witty and creative reenactments.


"The Imitation Game"

Benedict Cumberbatch + basket of cucumbers = Cucumberbatch. Duh.


"The Shining"

What's a co-worker for if not to imitate a horrifying Jack Nicholson?


"Where the Wild Things Are"

A phenomenally well-behaved puppy. 


"Lord of the Rings"

This one's a bit too real. 


"Captain America"

Captain America meets Mr. Clean.


"Toy Story"

Meet Buzz Lightyear's loyal pet frog. 


"Les Miserables"

Wind-blown hair. Nailed it.

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