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The businessman and the prostitute. The greaser and the goody-goody. The avenger of justice and the whip-wielding villain intent on destroying Gotham. The meet-cute story is great and all, but these couples never would have made it in real life.


Danny and Sandy, “Grease”

Guys: She changed every single thing about her personality (and started smoking!). We’re into the lycra pants and red mules, but the likelihood of a bad boy and bookish exchange student lasting long-term is about as probable as a car flying through space.


Victor and Ilsa, “Casablanca”

It’s cinema’s most iconic love triangle, and ultimately Ilsa leaves town hurriedly with the wrong man--her Czech Resistance-allied husband. We believe in Casablanca II, Ilsa would have returned to North Africa to make more dewy eyes at Rick.


Batman and Catwoman, “The Dark Knight Rises”

Okay, let’s get this straight: PTSD-afflicted captain of industry narrowly escapes death and decides to live happily ever after under an assumed name with a sprightly grifter who also doubles as a feline super-villain?



Stella and Winston, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”

Sexy, 20-years-younger Taye Diggs and stockbroker Angela Bassett have a hot love connection in Jamaica, but there’s no way this relationship had legs. (Author Terry McMillan’s similar real-life situation ended badly.)


Edward and Vivian, “Pretty Woman”

The film was originally called $3,000 and ended with a john pushing a prostitute out of his car and driving away. That’s more believable than Richard Gere and Julia Roberts riding away in a limo together.


Hitch and Sara, “Hitch”

We’re seeing a big values disconnect between an investigative reporter and a professional liar, aka “date doctor.”


Elaine and Ben, “The Graduate”

Dude. He slept with her mom.

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