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We admit it: There’s a little part of us that wishes we were French. (The beauty. The sophistication. The cheese.) And after reading How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, a book by four stylish Parisienne girlfriends, living the French lifestyle seems more doable than we ever thought before. Here, five simple ways to live your chicest life.


Your Wardrobe

In any but the coldest weather, forgo a down jacket. (Who wants to look like the Michelin Man?) Instead, opt for a long trench coat and layer sweaters underneath.


Your Accessories

Parisians wear very little jewelry. So choose one simple piece to brighten up a neutral outfit. Any of these minimalist styles would be perfect--especially if gifted by a lover, non?


Your Beauty Routine

There’s no greater faux pas than piling on the makeup. A bit of eyeliner, a few coats of mascara, a glossy lip and you’re ready to go. (Think more Françoise Hardy, less Brigitte Bardot.)


Your Dinner Party

Forget the endless shopping and kitchen preparations. Serve a perfect roast chicken rather than a complex recipe, open a good bottle of wine and spend all your saved time boning up on current events to lead a spirited conversation.


Your Home

Lighting is everything. Eschew ceiling lights in favor of table lamps dotted around the room. Unless, of course, you’ve inherited a crystal chandelier, in which case you should proudly hang it outfitted with low-wattage bulbs.

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