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Yup, it's spring, which means tulips, picnics and indie movies worth leaving the sunshine behind in exchange for two hours of sitting in the dark with strangers.  Here are five to see in the coming weeks.

“Welcome to Me” (May 1)

Kristen Wiig plays Alice, a bipolar woman off her meds who wins the California lottery and starts her own loopy talk show.

“Ride” (May 1)

Guilty pleasure rom-com alert: Helen Hunt is a New York City professional who chases her college drop-out son to California, then loosens up after surf lessons from Luke Wilson.

“Love and Mercy” (June 5)

A fascinating juxtaposition of happy music (The Beach Boys) and a serious subject (mental illness), this Brian Wilson biopic stars Paul Dano as young Brian, John Cusack playing as Brian today and Paul Giamatti as the psychiatrist Svengali who controlled him.

“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” (June 12)

A meta-film that teases apart cinematic tropes while aping the current young adult discourse. Translation: It’s funny, weird and drew a five-minute standing ovation at Sundance.

“Dope” (June 19)

Imagine Risky Business set in the South Central L.A. hood, with a squeaky-clean college-bound kid dealing ecstasy tabs, not prostitutes. Another Sundance sensation, this movie’s funny and manic.

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