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Hey, Ms. List Maker: You’ve got some pretty ambitious summer plans there. But do you really think you can convince your best friends to drop everything and join you for a Sex and the City-themed beach weekend?

You don’t have to organize epic road trips or budget-busting getaways in order to spend time with your pals. Sometimes simple is best. Especially as we approach the hottest, laziest days of the season.

We’ve rounded up five super-easy ways to catch up with your friends. Minimal effort, maximum enjoyment. (Don’t worry: We’ve included happy hour.)


Binge-Watch Together

Sometimes quality time requires no “talking” at all. Consider hosting a lazy girl’s book club--also known as a marathon Netflix session. Maybe this means revisiting an old favorite (does Season 1 of Friends still hold up?) or exploring something brand-new (here’s what’s coming up this month). Can’t seem to agree? Just spend a few hours watching the trailers.

Chill Out

Spontaneous gatherings at home sometimes make for the most memorable evenings. Even better if you have a bottle of Chandon rosé chilling in the fridge. Assemble your friends (you know you’re long overdue for a catch-up), circle up the patio furniture and start sipping on this tasty sparkler. Kick off your shoes and you’ve got a homemade happy hour.

Start a Dog-Walking Club

Take it to the streets (or the park or the woods) with your four-legged pals. Studies suggest friends who exercise together are healthier people in the long run. Not to mention you’ll get a wonderful boost of endorphins from laughing the whole time.


Swap Clothes with Your Most Stylish Sisters

How to go shopping without spending a penny? Raid your most fashionable friends’ wardrobes with an organized clothing swap. Have your chic pals bring a bag of unwanted items and arrange a “boutique” in a spare bedroom (don’t forget a full-length mirror). Draw numbers from a hat to determine who gets first dibs at one item, set a timer for five minutes to browse and try on, and continue in rounds until everyone feels satisfied. Donate any leftovers to charity.


Have a Progressive Dinner: Takeout Edition

The best thing about this potluck-style event? No. Cooking. Required. Each person hosts a course (appetizers, salad, main or dessert) in her home with her favorite takeout on hand. The dinner party begins at house one (appetizers) and moves to the next for each progressive course. By evening’s end, you've had an eclectic, hassle-free meal (who says egg rolls and enchiladas don’t belong on the same menu?) and everyone gets to play hostess.

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