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There’s nothing better than a dog in costume. Except, maybe, if it’s one that’s also doing good things for the world. For an adorable set of those--with some literary cachet, to boot--we love photographer Dan Bannino’s hilarious series of shelter dogs dressed as writers (yes, we’re serious), which helps raise money for canine adoption. Here are a few of our favorite writers and their doggie doppelgangers.


Edgar Allan Poe

Raven, schmaven. If Poe had known this guy, the poem would have had a different star.


William Shakespeare

What? Is there something undignified about wearing a giant doily around my neck?


Leo Tolstoy

Apparently this dog AND the master of Russian literature got the memo: Beards are back.


Dante Alighieri

There’s no purgatory for this pup: Posing with a crown of leaves has to be canine inferno.


Ernest Hemingway

This old man looks ready for the sea.

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