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We watched last night's Grammy broadcast from the start of the red carpet to the very last performance (the things we do for you). Despite LL Cool J telling us that each moment was about to be a historic one, we thought the whole show felt a little familiar. Here, five Grammy moments that gave us déjà vu.


When Prince took the stage

Just like at the Golden Globes, the crowd lost their minds when this guy showed up.


When Kanye (almost) stole the mic from Beck

A small part of us kinda wished he went through with it à la the 2009 VMAs.


When Taylor Swift danced in her seat

No award show is complete without a cutaway shot of T-Swift busting a move.


When Sia performed "Chandelier"

Which was basically the same thing as her music video and recent SNL performance.


When AC/DC, Tony Bennett, Annie Lennox et al. made appearances

Um, what year is it?

See our favorite performances of the night.

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