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Whenever a book is translated for the big screen, there are always questions. (How will it hold up? Will it be better or worse? Who is going to play God?) And the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie is no exception. Here’s what’s on our mind.


Will the writing be better?

For the love of Jane Austen, we hope they’ve cleaned up the script (and left out any mentions of inner goddesses).


Will there be chemistry?

The leads, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, had to reshoot scenes due to lack of chemistry. Here’s hoping the sparks fly.


What will happen in the other 80 minutes?

It’s been reported that 20 minutes (out of the 100-minute movie) feature those infamous sex scenes. So what else can we expect? Some extravagant date scenes around Portland, made possible by Christian’s private helicopter? Or several flashbacks to Mr. Grey’s turbulent past that explain why he is “50 shades of f*ed up”?

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