The 23 Things You Should Know How To Do At This Point In Your Life

Now that you’re confidently on board as a grown-ass woman, let’s talk about execution. Because being an adult also means you don’t always need to text a friend. Or a handyman. Or your mom. 

Here, 23 down-and-dirty life skills that have you all, “I’ve got this.”

1. How to eat out--by yourself.

2. How, exactly, you take your martini.

3. But how to cut yourself off before you’ve had too much.

4. And how to flirt with a man without going home with him.

5. How to apply mascara without poking yourself in the eye.

6. And lipstick without using a mirror.

7. How to scramble, fry or poach an egg.

8. How to address a flat tire (even if it just means calling AAA).

9. How to operate a power drill.

10. And drive a stick shift.

11. How to negotiate a job offer.

12. How to do your own taxes.

13. How to sew a button.

14. How not to be a giant spaz during a gyno exam.

15. Or a bikini wax.

16. Or a plane flight.

17. How to extract yourself from a toxic friendship.

18And how to clear your schedule for a lifelong pal.

19. How to stop apologizing.

20. How to ask for help.

21. How to conduct a breast exam.

22. How to know when it's time to go to sleep.

23. How to treat yo’self.