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1AM Gallery Crowdsources Street Art
There's history painted on those walls.

Barcelona, Berlin and Bogotá are all known for their street art, but San Francisco also has a surprising number of hidden gems. Just think of how many times you’ve stumbled upon a Brian Barneclo mural on the way to happy hour.

But if you’re anything like us, you can never remember where you came across that Banksy (you swear it was real). Now there’s an app that’s keeping track for you.

The owner of 1AM Gallery has launched 1AM Mobile, a community-driven virtual compendium of graffiti. Each photo (time stamped because of the ephemeral quality of street art) contributes to an archive of work that may, at some point, be painted over. Think of it as a crowdsourced library of street art.

Simply download the app and allow it to access your current location. It’ll then show you all the art in your area. Find a piece you like, tap the arrow button for detailed directions and--voilŕ--you’ve got a self-guided tour.  

Consider it the perfect way to entertain your 15-year-old skater cousin when he’s in town. Trust us, you’ll score major cool points.

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