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In case you?ve been living under a rock, it?s been a big week for American Idol. Fans watched as a new winner was crowned last night (Team Fradiani!), and Fox executives voted that the show?s 15th season next year will be its last.

Hey, it was a great run while it lasted. Here?s a look back at ten of our favorite moments from the singing competition?s heyday.

When Kelly Clarkson Won, Season 1

It was So. Insanely. Exciting. Just watch her belt out “A Moment Like This” again. #goosebumps

american idol seacrest

When Ryan Seacrest Had Highlights, Season 1

The guy was mostly blond. With spikes. And he had a cohost?!

When William Hung Auditioned, Season 3

The civil-engineering student’s performance of “She Bangs” went viral before viral was a thing.

When Jennifer Hudson Got Voted Off, Season 3

Whhhaaat? America must have been off its rocker. But in the end it only made her mega-success story even better.

When Michael Johns Won Our Hearts, Season 7

His “Bohemian Rhapsody” audition received high praise from Simon, and our couch crush was born. Then he was gone too soon.

When Paula Abdul Acted Loopy, Multiple Seasons

Was she suffering from a medical condition? Or something else? The debate raged on, but one thing was always for sure: The show was wildly successful when she was a judge.

When Katharine McPhee Gave Us Chills, Season 5

Wait, did she just outsing Judy Garland? Is that even possible?

When Carrie Underwood Floored Us, Season 4

She’s the queen of country now, but her superstardom was sealed when she did ’80s rock and Simon made a bold prediction that came true.

american idol mariah nicki

When Mariah and Nicki Fought Over Regina George, Season 12

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the Simon/Paula catfights, along came these two and their Mean Girls spat.

When Adam Lambert Was So Cool, Season 8

You could barely see him, but you sure could hear him, and his “Mad World” performance brought Paula and Simon to their feet.

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