10 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos

Ohhh, high school prom: the gowns, the slow dances, the awkward photos. In honor of prom season, here are ten of your favorite celebrities on their big nights.

Michelle Obama

“Yeah, I brought the First Lady to prom.” --This guy’s pickup line for the rest of his life.

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright.


This guy admitted to cheating on Queen Bey. Who’s laughing now?

Will Ferrell

The tiara just works, right?

Taylor Swift

This dude definitely had a song written about him.

George Clooney

Clearly Clooney is too cool for prom.

Blake Lively

Everyone falls victim to awkward prom poses.

Sandra Bullock

Awwwww, young love.

Flavor Wire

Jon Hamm

One word: mullet.


Ellen Degeneres

Oh, the '70s. We still love you, Ellen.