You could shell out for pricey face creams and spend hours assembling that new piece of furniture. Or you could take advantage of these cash- and-time-saving devices we discovered this month. 

Prevent infuriating--and expensive--tickets with Park.It, an app that keeps track of the city’s parking regulations so you don’t have to. [Read more] 

Quit wasting your time at coffee shops with spotty Wi-Fi and reserve space at one of these smart shared workplaces. [Read more] 

Erase fine lines the natural (and free) way by practicing Marie Véronique-Nadeau’s yoga exercises for your face. [Read more] 

Outsource time-sucking household chores by hiring someone to do them for you through Handybook. [Read more] 

Skip waiting in line for a $15 drink at the bar du jour and mine your garden to make cocktails with tips from The Drunken Botanist. [Read more] 

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