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We're all about healthy living, but let's be honest: There's a time and a place for a juice cleanse, and the frozen tundra that was this month was neither that time nor that place. Here, a few things that warmed us up from the inside.

We felt a little bit better devouring "french fries" when we substituted green beans for potatoes and our oven for the fryer. 

Our beloved cinnamony-sweet monkey bread finally found its match in this perfectly cheesy and savory take on the classic. 

We got all the crispy, crunchy goodness of fish and chips in just 25 minutes--and without quarts of oil. 

We impressed our pals by whipping up this complicated-looking, amazing-tasting chocolate pavlova with way less effort than they'd expect. 

Waking up early was way easier with a little help from these mini baked doughnuts that are as irresistible as they are adorable. 

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