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There are two types of people in the world: those who practice naked yoga...and those who shove exercise bikes in their closet. In 2014, we admit we were a mix of both. (Isn't it all about balance?)

Which of these will you try in 2015?

Some workouts are worth the $40. (Boot camps are not.) Find out which fitness fads to splurge on and which to scrimp on.

New York City just got its first studio dedicated entirely to street dance--meaning the pop classes are totally separate from the lock classes. Get to steppin’.

Naked yoga: It’s a thing. We tried it. We’re still not sure how we feel about it.

If hip-hop lessons and au naturel downward dogs aren’t your thing, we also rounded up the five most surprising running paths around the city.

Nope, still not willing to move much farther than your bed? (This is a judgment-free zone.) Check out some apartment-friendly exercise equipment that you can keep in the corner.

In more sleepyhead news, Greenblender is the morning time-saver we all need in our lives. It’s like Blue Apron for smoothie ingredients.

Then again, sometimes blended kale just doesn’t cut it. A rising trend in the superfood world, broth may satisfy your need for a warm, hearty (and, coincidentally, nutritious) beverage.

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