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Every so often we come across an idea that's just too good to be true. And the start of the new year is already brimming with items and events that beg the question: Why didn't I think of that?

Subway-ready compartmentalized handbags put an end to the perpetual elbow-deep search for our keys, phone, lipstick and Metro card. [Read more]

Imagine a hybrid of two iconic New York treats--the bagel and the soft pretzel. Now toast it and slather it in Nutella. Meet our latest obsession: the simit, found at a new Upper West Side bakery. [Read more]

Get ready to dominate the next trivia night. One Day University just started offering half-day, topic-specific courses. [Read more]

It’s never been more convenient to grab a bottle of immune-boosting juice. And we've got our eye on some tasty newcomers that aren't the typical kale-and-carrot blend. [Read more]

You can now stock your home with cozy housewares (teacups, pillows and the like) that were handmade by a former designer for Bjork (seriously). [Read more]

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