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In our book, drinking responsibly means getting the finer points of cocktail hour down pat. Whether it’s finding a new favorite mixed drink (the word appletini will never cross our lips ever again) to choosing--and opening--a Champagne bottle with ease, follow these tips before you say "Cheers."

Have Bottles Delivered

Skip the trip to the liquor store and place an order through one of these services that’ll drop booze off at your doorstep. #timesaver

Know Your Stuff

What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey? What sets liquor apart from liqueur? And what the heck are bitters used for anyway? You may not be a mixologist, but these bits of info will give you confidence during cocktail hour.

Make Your Own Cocktails

This doesn’t have to be insanely complicated. All you need are a few solid recipes to have on hand--like these five (Bloody Marys included). 

Foodie-Approved Wines: Rosé Edition

Light, fruity and affordable, California rosé is a crowd-pleaser. We asked West Coast wine snobs for their favorites. 

Foodie-Approved Wines: Champagne Edition

You can never go wrong with some bubbles--be it sparkling white, red or rosé. (And here’s how to open that bottle like a lady.) 

Gift Booze-Filled Chocolates

Your hostess will find you intoxicating if you show up with a box of rich Belgian chocolate ganache confections, each infused with an eighth of a shot of liquor. 

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