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Pets are the friggin’ best. How can you not completely obsess over them? We don’t know. We won’t even try. Instead, we’ll just spoil the hell outta them.


Like a Jawbone for pups, this rad device attaches to their collars and monitors how far they walk, how much they play and when they sleep.


Feeling guilty about working late? Don’t worry: You can still play with your teeny buddies from afar with PetCube.

The GoodDog Helpline

Trash rummaging happens. But for a onetime fee, you can have unlimited access to A.K.C. dog whisperers and keep the naughty behavior in check.

Dog Vacay

Traveling is expensive enough. Stop dropping hundreds of dollars on top of that for a kennel. Find a friendly pet-sitter in your area on this site.

Wisdom Panel DNA Kit

Necessary? Nope. Fascinating? Absolutely. Find out the true genetic breakdown of your pound puppy.

The Regal Beagle

Hilarious portraits of your pal (dog, cat, lizard, whatever) for as little as $20. ’Nuff said.

/images/articles/Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats

Said pals can also make their own art, ya know. Download the most entertaining iPad app ever.


If you think dogs don’t understand surprises, think again. A pile of new goodies every month is completely worth the $19 dollars.



And the last thing every pet owner more pets. (C’mon, you know you can squeeze one more cuddle monster on the couch.) Adopt like you would online date.

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