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Whether you're remodeling your home, buying new makeup or simply buying groceries, we break down when it's OK to splurge and when it's necessary to save.

Splurge or Scrimp: Grocery Store Edition

Organic milk isn't worth the price tag, people.

Splurge or Scrimp: Home Renovation Edition

Skip the fancy bathroom tiles.

Splurge or Scrimp: Beauty Edition

Baby wipes > makeup remover.

Splurge or Scrimp: Fashion Edition

A denim jacket should cost way less than a pair of jeans.

Splurge or Scrimp: Car Edition

A/C inspections are a bunch of malarkey.

Splurge or Scrimp: Restaurant Edition

Just don't order pasta, OK?

Splurge or Scrimp: Fitness Apparel Edition

Running shorts shouldn't break the bank.

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