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We recently alerted the universe to some Kickstarter projects we’d really like to see come to fruition. (C’mon, PickUpRoulette is genius.) That said, there are plenty of cool new tech gizmos for preorder on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that we’re dying to get our paws on. Here, five of our favorites.


This little guy straps to your arm during a workout, and uses your own kinetic energy to charge your phone. Motivation, y’all.

$85, ships in June 2015


Finally, a mini projector that syncs with your phone and beams GPS directions onto your windshield so you can always keep your eyes on the road.

$299, ships in early 2015


How clever: This adorable cocktail ring is actually a wireless alert system. Whenever you get a call, text or email (you configure it to your liking), it’ll let you know with a gentle buzz.

$195, ships in early 2015


It’s a bike seat! It’s a bike lock! When it’s a Seatylock, it’s sneakily both.

$85, ships in March 2015


Haven’t you always wanted a robot servant?

$599, first batch ships April 2016

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