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Ladies, rev your shopping engines. Alexander Wang for H&M is finally here. It’s sporty, edgy and pretty affordable (considering his typical duffle bags will run you about $1,000). But it’s also a teeeeny bit reminiscent of the other times we got overly excited about label-emblazoned fashion fads. Let’s revisit our cringe-worthy history. (Though it absolutely will not stop us from buying a “WANG” sweatshirt.)

/images/articles/The '00s: Juicy Couture

The '00s: Juicy Couture

Ahhh, the aughts. Sisqó topped the charts and “Juicy” topped our butts. Even without the script, a color-coordinated velour tracksuit spoke for itself.

/images/articles/The '00s: Abercrombie & Fitch

The '00s: Abercrombie & Fitch

The polar opposite of a Pepto-pink two-piece: Abercrombie’s athletic lettering that looked like you ran a 1940s rugby league.

/images/articles/The '90s: Tommy Hilfiger

The '90s: Tommy Hilfiger

Tube tops! Overalls! UNRECOGNIZABLE BEYONCE! This 1998 throwback to Destiny’s Child is a little extreme. But you know you owned at least one thing that was half red, half white.

/images/articles/The '90s: POLO Ralph Lauren

The '90s: POLO Ralph Lauren

Were we Olympians? No. Did we pretend to be? Clearly.

/images/articles/The '90s: Calvin Klein

The '90s: Calvin Klein

Less obvious but perhaps the only one with chances of revival: the skinny-font CK logo. Online retailer MyTheresa recently reissued a small collection of pieces (which quickly sold out), but if you have any of these puppies buried in a storage unit, seize the sartorial opportunity.

/images/articles/The '80s: Esprit

The '80s: Esprit

In case you hadn’t heard...30 years ago, colors ruled. We’re not even going to discuss nylon tracksuits (you’re well aware of Christmas Vacation), but we are going to remind you of mix-and-match, primary-hued Esprit.

/images/articles/The '80s: L.A. Gear

The '80s: L.A. Gear


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