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You’ve got big plans for luscious greenery in your home--but you have little talent for keeping anything except silk flowers alive. Sound familiar? Then it’s time you tried one of these nearly indestructible potted plants.



These little air plants need only an occasional misting and bright light to stay happy. Try grouping a few together for an elegant display. (We love these stylish vessels.)


Christmas Fern

Your humid bathroom is the perfect place for this hardy variety. If you’ve got a skylight, that’s plenty of sun. Otherwise, rotate it every other week near a window.


Mother-in-Law's Tongue

This succulent can survive a wide range of temperatures and light levels. So set it wherever you need some green--say, on a side table--and watch it thrive between waterings.


Cast Iron Plant

This low-light plant is super low maintenance (and super tough). Place the entire thing--plastic pot and all--in a ceramic ornamental container, water periodically and your work is done.


Staghorn Fern

This plant grows on trees in the tropics (translation: no soil required) and will be just as happy mounted on a wall in your home. Simply dunk the roots in water once a week and place in filtered light.

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