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You know what would be nice? A brand-new West Elm sofa/table/armchair/living room. You know what would not be nice? The price tag for a new West Elm sofa/table/arm chair/living room.

Our secret way to get the feel of new pieces without the cost of new pieces: Swap out the legs on your current furniture for something funky and unexpected. (You can either do it yourself with just a few screws or hire a handyman to do it for you).

Here, a few of our favorite stand-ins.


Dip dyed

Got a mid-century table or nightstand that could use a little oomph? Consider simple dip-dyed legs.

The Douglas Collection ($53 for a set of four)


Colored hairpin

Hairpin legs are gorgeous even in standard black. But why not go bold with red or yellow?

HairpinLegs for less ($12 to $19 per leg)


Geometric and playful

The Stockholm-based company Pretty Pegs makes legs and feet that straddle the line between classic and “out there." Plus, like any good Swedish import, these guys play nice with Ikea furniture.

Pretty Pegs ($119 for a set of four)


Sleek and scandi

These Danish-designed legs are actually collapsible stands designed to support a long farmhouse-style plank. You?ll need two or three crossbars, depending on the length of your tabletop.

Buk table legs ($310 per crossbar)


Stainless steel

A steel bench support can easily look suave and '60s or modern and industrial.

Balasagun ($560 for a set of two)


Salvage iron

OK, this one requires a little more work, but if you head to your local salvage yard, you might be able to find some really rad metal legs. Bonus points for spray-painting them red.

Curb Traders Vintage ($160 for four legs)

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