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Landing a triple axel, playing the glockenspiel, meeting your soul mate: The best things in life are all about timing. That’s why, before jumping willy-nilly into a task, we always do our research to make sure we’re doing the right activity at the right hour of the day. From seeing a doctor to posting an Instagram photo, here are the optimal times to take care of all your to-dos.


See the doctor: As early as possible

It only stands to reason that if you have the first appointment of the day, your pulmonologist can’t possibly be running late. (Right?) Plus, according to ZocDoc, 10 a.m. is the most popular time slot, so do try to get in before then, when the wait will only start to build. As for day of the week: Go for a Monday or Wednesday (and never Tuesday, which is the busiest day).


Stream a Netflix show: After 9 p.m.

Ever wonder why that Orange Is the New Black episode looks so grainy right around dinnertime? It’s because everybody and their mother is watching Netflix then. (In fact, it’s the slowest time for your local Internet, and it may cause your show quality to dip from HD to SD.) If you can, try streaming before 7 p.m. or after 9 p.m., when the quality will be better. Plus, isn’t it nice to talk to loved ones over your pork chops?


Have a job interview: Morning

According to a study from the National Academy of Science, judges are far more likely to decide favorably in parole hearings if they’re held before lunch. While you’re (probably) not on parole, the same logic holds for job interviews, where you want to catch the interviewer before he or she gets tired and cranky.


Post an Instagram photo: 6 p.m.

Your sleepy kitty pic is priceless! And it deserves to get a million double taps and comments. Your best shot at achieving such acclaim? According to a study by marketing blog SumAll, you should wait until around 6 p.m. to post it, when the social networking site sees a reliable flurry of activity. #socalculating


Buy a car: The end of the day

Negotiation is all about finding your opponent’s weak spots. So guess what the smarmy car salesman really doesn’t want to do at 7:20 on a Wednesday evening: Haggle with you about the cost of a Prius. According to, you’re more likely to get a lower price at the end of the day, when sellers just want to get home to their families.


Register that car at the DMV: 11 a.m.

Perhaps aware of its own reputation as a place where hopes and dreams go to die, the DMV recently conducted a study on the best times for the shortest waits. The upshot: Get there before noon, which is when everybody else starts flooding in. You’re also better off going in the middle of the week (Tuesday to Thursday) and the middle of the month.


Have sex: 7 a.m.

Morning breath aside, Wilkes University researchers maintain that early a.m. is best for a roll in the hay. For men, the reason is obvious (most wake up pretty much ready to go). But it’s good for you too: Increased male testosterone means increased stamina, plus sex releases immunity-boosting antibodies that will ward off infection throughout the day.

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