From the movie that made us weep to the fashion statement that had us rethinking our hands, here are the best things from summer 2014.

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Best. Movie. Ever.

Best Movie: "Boyhood"

If you haven?t seen Richard Linklater?s ode to childhood (and America... and Ethan Hawke), stop whatever you?re doing and nab tickets immediately. Shot over the course of 12 years, Boyhood follows Mason Evans (Ellar Coltrane) from the age of 6 to 18--and it?s amazing to watch a character literally grow up on screen.

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Best Book: "The Vacationers"

Here’s what we demand from a summer book: warm setting, relatable characters, compulsively compelling plot. Emma Straub’s new novel, The Vacationers, checks all three boxes. Set during a 12-day vacation in Majorca, The Vacationers tells the story of one family working through a crisis--while also trying to get the most out of their summer holiday.

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Best TV show: "Masters of Sex" Season 2

In a summer that brought a lot of crappy TV (I Wanna Marry Harry, anyone?), Showtime’s period drama Masters of Sex has been our one beacon of hope. The series, about a pair of sex researchers in the early ’60s, has the slow build and atmospheric pacing of Mad Men, but with--well--a heck of a lot more sex. If you’re behind, binge-watch the first season now, then tune into the second, which is set to conclude on September 28.

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Best Song: "Tacky" by Weird Al Yankovic

With due respect to “Fancy,” we’ve gotta go with Weird Al for our favorite song of the summer. The beloved parodist’s take on “Happy” is totally LOL-worthy--and perfectly skewers the in-your-face bubbliness of Pharrell’s original.

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Best Album: "They Want My Soul" by Spoon

We’ve long loved Austin-based indie band Spoon for their art-bluesy vibe and smart-boy angsty lyrics. But we really think the new album is their best to date. It’s the loudest, most foot-stomping release, for sure, with hints of Joan Jett as well as Elvis Costello. Put on “Rent I Pay” and just try not to bop your head.

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Best Instagram Follow: @Youdidnoteatthat

Ever get suspicious when you see a super-skinny girl Instagramming her gigantic double-decker cheeseburger? @Youdidnoteatthat is a hilarious new Insta account that chronicles folks who most certainly did not eat the meal they're ’gramming.

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Best Fashion Statement: Ring Stacking

Were you looking closely at the hands of all the cool girls this summer? You may have noticed that they were sporting multiple thin gold rings on every finger--for a look that’s both totally ladylike and effortlessly rock-’n’-roll. (You can pull it off too, we promise.)

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Best Viral Sensation: Ice-Bucket Challenge

We didn’t get it at first either, but here’s what you need to know: Ice-bucketing is a social media meme designed to raise awareness (and money) for ALS, and it’s got celebrities like Bill Gates, Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon dumping freezing-cold buckets of water over their heads--and then daring their famous pals to do the same.


Best Babe: Mario Goetze

Hey, remember when we all cared about soccer? Our major takeaway: Cristiano Ronaldo is fine, but Mario Goetze is way cuter. Not only he did score the winning goal for Germany, but he also knows how to rock an infinity scarf.

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