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Rolex watches, grilled meats, natural boobs: There are times in life when you need the real thing. But sometimes it’s totally OK to go with an imitation. Check out a few of our favorite home decor fakes----all of which look so good, you’d never guess their deceptive status.

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Fake Wood

You want the rustic log-cabin vibe... but you’re not quite ready to actually redo your walls. Enter Stikwood, peel-and-stick panels that use real reclaimed wood as a deceptive veneer. 

Stikwood ($12 per square foot)

/images/articles/Fake Plants

Fake Plants

If fake plants make you think of sad, waxy plastic, you’re way out of the game. Today’s subtle varieties look as good as anything in your backyard. We love all of Ikea’s offerings--perfect for a dark room where you’ve got no hope of natural sunlight.

Ikea ($4)

/images/articles/Fake Marble
Livet Hemma

Fake Marble

A $1,500 Carrara coffee table or a $42 Ikea hack? A good roll of contact paper can give any old table new life. C’mon, would you ever guess this thing was an impostor? 

Home Depot ($42 for 24 feet)

/images/articles/Fake Brick

Fake Brick

To be fair, there are a lot of cheesy faux-brick papers and panels out there. The key, we’ve seen, is to find one that’s neither too “new looking” nor too distressed. We think this white version is particularly convincing. 

Wallpaper Direct ($21 for a 33-foot roll)

/images/articles/Fake Grass
Sugar & Cloth

Fake Grass

The thought of Astroturf might hurt your earth-loving sensibility, but every so often it just makes sense. We like the idea of using it sparingly to give a space a pop of green. To make these charming stepping stones, all you have to do is glue squares of faux grass to appropriately sized concrete slabs.

Home Depot ($23 for 7.5 feet)


Fake Bookshelves

Wall-to-wall built-ins would be lovely. But you?re not about to tear up your living room anytime soon. That?s why we love trompe l?oeil bookshelf wallpaper, which can look so convincing, your guests might ask to borrow a tome or two.

Wallpaper Direct ($39 for a 33-foot roll)

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