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Remember the first time you discovered an egg slicer? Or an apple corer? Remember how it changed your life? The perfect kitchen gadget should be compact, adorable and so brilliant you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it. Check out our list of the newest, cleverest ones to bring into your home.


Pluck ($8)

Some people were born to separate eggs. Others pretty much always get pieces of shell in their cake batter. For the separating impaired, there’s the Pluck, a little suction tube that squeezes out the whites and saves the yolks.

/images/articles/The Avocado Saver

The Avocado Saver ($13)

Keep halved avocados fresher longer with this handy gadget, which reduces oxidation and browning by protecting the exposed side from air. See ya, sandwich bag filled with avo-goo.

/images/articles/The Dipr

The Dipr ($20 for a pack of five)

OK, an inability to dunk your Oreos isn’t, like, a major life problem. But how cool are these little scoops that are perfect for dipping cookies into milk? Hey, it’s rude to eat with your hands, right?

/images/articles/The Grape and Tomato Cutter

The Grape and Tomato Cutter ($10)

Cherry tomatoes are one of summer’s many blessings. Slicing cherry tomatoes? Not so much. Let this adorable gizmo do the work for you.

/images/articles/The Stem

The Stem ($4)

When a recipe calls for a “spritz of citrus,” you’ve got to have the Stem on hand. All you do is stick this guy into a lime or lemon and start spraying. Yeah, it’s that easy.

/images/articles/The Microwave Omelet Cooker

The Microwave Omelet Cooker ($14)

You really have no excuse, since we’ve told you how to make the perfect omelet. But if you still think that’s too much effort, try this curious piece of equipment. Just add whisked eggs and your favorite ingredients to the foldable dish, and then pop the whole thing into the microwave.

/images/articles/The Half N' Half Cupcake Pan

The Half N' Half Cupcake Pan ($23)

You want banana cupcakes! You want chocolate cupcakes! Now you can have both with this admittedly gimmicky but also pretty cute Half n’ Half pan.

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