Here we are, the day before July 4th. That means tomorrow is all fireworks, fruit salad and flag tees...that you wear exactly once before tossing into the back of your closet. This year, skip the gimmicks and follow these styling suggestions.

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Rethink nautical stripes
The definition of Americana doesn’t have to be all navy stripes and boat shoes. Maintain an Uncle Sam-worthy look that goes far beyond the marina by mixing prints and patterns. Stripes are seen in a whole new light when paired with a poppy skirt.

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Pick two out of three
Hey, it’s OK if you’re not wearing red, white and blue--no need to outdo the American flag. Instead, try wearing just two colors. Think your favorite white cotton skirt with your tried-and-true chambray. (Hint: Just throw it over your swimsuit for the perfect beach transition).

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Or go entirely monochromatic
You really can’t go wrong with white on white. Keep it simple by sporting a button-down or blouse and white jeans. If you’re itching for some color, add a swipe of red lipstick. No one can call you out for shirking your patriotic duty.

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