Captain Planet, Need for Speed, that thing with the irreverent talking parrots. Let’s face it: This isn’t the best time of year for cinephiles. Luckily, a handful of truly terrific documentary films are in theaters now, which you can--and should--see instead. (Sorry, parrots.)

When 35-year-old law professor Anita Hill took the stand against her former boss (and Supreme Court nominee) Clarence Thomas, she instantaneously changed the landscape of sexual harassment in the workplace. You may think you know the whole story, but this new documentary from Academy Award-winning director Freida Lee Mock sheds new light on Hill’s courageous tale.

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
This IMAX nature documentary (narrated by spirit guide Morgan Freeman) brings viewers deep into the jungles of Madagascar to meet our oldest, strangest and arguably cutest living relatives. We dare you not to whoop with joy as these little guys jump from baobab tree to baobab tree.

Jodorowsky’s Dune
In 1974, the film version of the famed sci-fi novel Dune was slated to star Mick Jagger and Salvador Dalí, and promised to induce LSD-like highs. So why did it never come to be? This 2013 Cannes Film Festival favorite goes inside the mind of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the visionary filmmaker behind one of the most amazing movies never made.

Mistaken for Strangers
We happen to love indie rock band The National. But you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate this touching documentary about front man Matt Berninger and his man-child brother, Tom, who followed the band on tour until he was unceremoniously fired for ne’er-do-well behavior. A must-see for siblings everywhere.

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