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No matter how fearless a femme you claim to be, there’s always room for a little less neurosis. From bling that doubles as a bodyguard to diet-friendly french fries, here are a few finds to help you sleep better at night.

No Fear: The Late-Night Walk Home
This gorgeous jewelry that doubles as a high-tech personal security system will make you feel like a Bond girl living in the year 2095.

No Fear: The Pet Emergency
Worried Basil might get into the chocolate soufflé again? Be better prepared with this handy Pet First Aid app from the Red Cross.

No Fear: The Tax Man
More tax deductibles mean more cash flow means more money for sundresses and alfresco brunching. Check out our list of sneaky items that are totally deductible.

No Fear: The French Fry
Heap your plate with crispy, crunchy green beans--the ultimate answer to the age-old “Salad or fries with that?” conundrum.

No Fear: The Sky-High Airfare
No firm travel dates? No problem. Lock in your flight (without committing to buy) with the new search engine Level Skies.

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