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So we’ve survived the holidays and the polar vortex (parts 1 and 2). Alas, summer is still a whopping 141 days away. The good news? Winter clouds have silver linings. This month in particular was chock-full of spicy, warm and downright magical finds sure to heat up even the chilliest days.

Florets, schmorets. Hot and fresh out of the kitchen comes a spicy roasted (not to mention incredibly cool-looking) whole head of cauliflower.

Drop your phone into a slushy puddle? There's now a magic box that can resuscitate it. (Really.)

Step up your scarf game with the fancy braid, the big bow and the double knot. Watch our video to see how they're done.

Who wants to schlep to Costco in this weather? Download a handy app for making bulk purchases from the comfort of your home.

Gray outside, colorful inside. Turn your favorite books (and thumbprint!) into a swirling rainbow of art.

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