OK, people. It is T minus six days to December 26--the one day a year when it is totally acceptable to lounge in your pj’s and watch movies for 14 hours straight. Here, five new-to-Netflix films and TV shows we’re already queuing up.

Drinking Buddies

This Olivia Wilde-led indie comedy about coworkers who fall in love (despite both being in relationships) is smart, funny and at times achingly familiar. It hit the box office this summer for a hot minute, so we were pleased to see it get a second life on Netflix.

The Short Game

Spellbound meets Caddy Shack in this new Netflix original documentary about eight of the world’s best child golfers. Think really, really cute kids (“Trophies are shiny!”) and a warm-and-fuzzy look at the competitive spirit. 

American Horror Story: Asylum

Finally...Season 2 of everybody’s favorite creepy Jessica Lange endeavor has hit Netflix! AHS: Asylum is set in a 1964 mental institution and involves evil nuns, sadistic scientists and plenty of good old-fashioned exorcisms. It’s totally addictive, so be ready to block off 16 hours of your time.

All About Eve

There’s something about excessive family time that makes us want to watch a film about jealousy and manipulation. Enter Bette Davis and Anne Baxter battling it out in All About Eve. (“Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”) We just can’t believe it took Netflix this long to make this film available.

The Iron Lady

OK, The Iron Lady doesn’t stream until December 30, but we really recommend putting this sad and stunning Margaret Thatcher biopic on your must-watch list for January. We love you, Meryl. You totally deserved that Oscar.

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