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As much as we love tech solutions for common problems (how to secure your online privacy, how to organize a cluttered desk), there's something to be said for anticipating a snafu before it happens. Here, our favorite preemptive measures from the past month.

Before you shop for groceries

Instead of wandering Whole Foods while attempting to decipher your husband's scrawled request for "that soup I like," try using Grocery iQ, a website and smartphone app for shared shopping lists. Once you grant family members access, anyone can update the list--plus, it organizes for you by aisle.

Before you vote

It may feel like November is a long time away, but Election Day will be here before you know it. Get prepared to cast your vote (and navigate the political season) by checking in with Google Politics and Elections, a new website that presents up-to-the-minute election news that you can filter by issue, candidate and location.

Before you drop your phone in the bathtub

Possibly the greatest defensive measure since waterproof mascara, Liquipel is a super-thin protective gel ($59) for your iPhone or Android that renders it impervious to water damage. To get your smartphone suited up, place your order online and send your device to the company's California headquarters, where it will get coated in a vapor-filled chamber and returned to you two days later.

Before you curse your mailman

Kind of like a spam filter for snail mail, PaperKarma is a genius, free app that gets you unsubscribed from junk mail. All you have to do is snap photos of the offending credit card offers, catalogs, etc.; PaperKarma then contacts the companies to get you off the mailing list and lets you know once you've been successfully removed.

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