We don’t want to burst your bubble, but the return of closed-toe shoes and Mademoiselle manis is looming. In other words, you’ve got only another month to dial up those digits. Fortunately, these five unexpected nail polish combos are here to help.

Orange You Glad
Pairing two neon-esque colors may seem like overkill, but when you pick a pair that run in the same color family (hello, warm tones), the effect is welcoming--not overwhelming.

Tips: Monarch, RBG ($18) 

Toes: Members Only, L?Oréal ($6)

White Hot
OK, white polish was totally ’80s, but now it’s totally back--and a must for flaunting that killer tan (real or faux). Match it with a punchy coral to keep a modern feel. Note: Beware of chips!

Tips: Amazing Grace, Deborah Lippmann ($17)

Toes: Peach Daiquiri, Essie ($8)

Deep Blue Sea
Toes in the water, hands in the sand. No, this is not a Zac Brown Band music video. It’s your beautifully beach-themed nails.

Tips: Tanlines, Floss Gloss ($8)

Toes: Yoga-ta Get This Blue, OPI ($9)

Not So Mellow
Pastels are notoriously difficult to master--one wrong turn and you’re an Easter egg. But add a little space (or, in this case, a full body’s worth) and no one will think twice.

Tips: Sharks Yellow, Pierre Hardy for Nars ($29)

Toes: Sharks Lavender, Pierre Hardy for Nars ($29)

Not for the faint of heart: Fuchsia and turquoise are a decidedly exuberant duo. However, if you?re the type that?s dying to show her ?fun? side, we highly recommend these splashy colors.

Tips: Azuré, Chanel ($27)

Toes: Cosmos-Politan, Flower ($5)

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