If you're anything like us, you plan to spend your entire Fourth of July weekend submerged in a swimming pool, slurping an "America-tini." To keep your phone from getting slightly less wet and sloppy, check out these new innovations in waterproofing.

Best for the beach babe Seal your iPad or iPhone in a lightweight LifeProof case ($70 to $130). The military-grade shock-resistant gizmo thoroughly protects electronics from water, sand and dirt, meaning you can toss your phone around as liberally as you would that beach ball.

Best for the adventurer Got kayaking, surfing and class 5 rapids on your list? Strap your phone into an Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband ($60), which shields it from the elements while allowing you to do stuff like take pictures and send texts. (You: "I'm sailllllling!")

Best for the klutz If you're just as likely to drop your phone into a swimming pool as you are to knock over your iced coffee ("What?" you gesture dramatically), you might want to consider sending your phone off to be coated in Liquipel ($60 to $90), an invisible gel that makes electronics completely impervious to liquid damage.

Best for the cheapskate If a plastic bag has done the trick for years, simply upgrade to a BubbleShield ($20). You'll be able to text, watch videos and take photos all while your phone is enclosed inside a dual-zipped waterproof sleeve.

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