Ladies, it’s time for the tough-love portion of our program. Your closet is a nightmare, and you need our help. Here, what you can do to achieve wardrobe nirvana.


Purge If you haven’t worn that sequined jumpsuit in a year (or if it hasn’t fit you since the ’90s), trust us, you’ll never wear it again. For a successful purge, start by separating all of your clothes on your bed into three distinct categories: “definitely,” “maybe” and “never.” Get rid of all the “nevers” and half the “maybes,” and keep everything in the “definitely” pile. Breathe deeply. Drink a Diet Coke.

Sell As for what to do with your outcasts, we like the intuitive sell-your-duds site Tradesy. You can post any item for free (through PayPal), and when it sells, Tradesy will send you a shipping kit in the mail.


Self-Analyze When it’s time to put back the keepers, try this handy tip: Place all the hangers so the hooks are backward. Then, over the next year, flip the hangers around as you wear items so you can easily spot pieces that are going unworn.


Organize We?ve said it before, and we?ll say it again: Everything needs a home. For footwear, we love Crate & Barrel?s new adjustable rolling shoe rack ($75). For purses, try separating them on your existing shelves with acrylic dividers ($54 for a set of four). And as for your husband?s teetering stack of crumpled tees, there?s nothing simpler than the aptly named Neverfold ($30).


Outsource Still need more help? Hire a professional organizer (or even a Task Rabbit) to force yourself into parting with that raggedy peasant blouse. Breathe deeply. Drink a Diet Coke.

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