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He already eats your organic carrots and slumbers on your Egyptian-cotton sheets. Admit it: Your dog is living just as well (if not better) than you are. Here, a few more things he should probably have to up his bourgeois quotient.

Fancy Shampoo The Aesop of the doggie hair-care world, Dogtails offers a sweet-smelling, sensitive-skin-friendly puppy shampoo ($16) in a bottle that will look right at home in your subway-tiled bathroom. Enter the promotional code PUREWOW at checkout to save 25 percent on your purchase.

Reclaimed-Wood Furniture Got a soft spot for expensive furniture crafted from old barn doors and repurposed wagon wheels? Spare your furry friend the hideous foam mat and go with Olga Guanabara’s rustic-chic custom dog bed (from $520). Then brag to visitors about the reclaimed Douglas fir it was made from.

Hipster Chalkboard Paint If you’ve already chalkboarded your walls, fridge and headboard, the time is nigh for Fido to get in on the action. Pick up a Waggo dog bowl ($18) and treat jar ($28) and write your dog’s name (or favorite snooty bone brand) in fancy lettering.

Artisanal Snacks Speaking of snooty bones, we can only assume your pup will approve of the thyme, cage-free eggs and flaxseed in Spoil Me Rotten’s Duck Confit biscuits ($9). If not, you could always serve them to pesky houseguests.

A GPS With GPS technology, you can track everything from a stolen iPhone to potential suitors. And now, apparently, you can also track your pooch, thanks to the SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Locator ($120, plus a $20 per month service plan). Just clip the tag to your dog’s collar and behold as her every move becomes traceable. Squirrel!

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