Despite how you feel about the Hallmark hype that surrounds the month of February, we have to admit that a few things deserve our love and affection. From frozen Greek yogurt bars to a personal wireless hotspot, here are the products that have our hearts growing bigger by the day.

Never find yourself stranded without an Internet connection again, thanks to Karma--the bring-anywhere wireless hotspot. [Read more

Liven up plain old water by infusing it--that is, flavoring it with fruits and herbs to give it a little kick. [Read more]

Step into spring armed with the newest (and most wearable) trends. [Read more]

Bite into a Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bar. It's the delicious purgatory between ice cream and creamy sorbet. [Read more]

Download New Italian Pantry to your iPad and behold the most beautiful and useful recipe app you've ever seen. [Read more]

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