It’s T minus 12 days to the Oscars, and we’ve entered serious crunch time. (Please force us to see Amour before it leaves theaters.)

Luckily, we’ve discovered these handy apps to keep up with all of our cinematic endeavors:

Hands down the best free app for deciding what to see and where to see it, Flixster integrates critics’ reviews (via the site Rotten Tomatoes) with basic movie info (cast, run time, etc.) and local showtimes.

This free Web-only app is exactly what it sounds like: a foolproof way to find out whether you can stream a movie online. It searches platforms like Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go, and emails you when your desired flick becomes available. We recently used it to search for and stream nominees such as Beasts of the Southern Wild and How to Survive a Plague.

Debating if you should stick around for the credits? This iPhone and Android app ($1) alerts you to bonus material at the end of the movie. (Django: yes; Les Mis: nope.)

Rejoice, ye of small bladders! The geniuses at RunPee ($1) have calculated the best time in every current movie to bolt for the loo. So go ahead and order that 32-ounce Diet Coke.

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